Shamanic Services


Cord Cutting

This is an energetic ceremony that allows a client to sever the energetic “cord” that binds them to another person. It could be a parent, child, sibling or friend who is now able to walk their path without intervention, or any person who is no longer able to offer a healthy exchange in your life.

Initial Counselling Consultation

A time to discuss your needs and the direction you wish your life to take. In this session we will establish if we are a good fit and if I am able to provide you with a service that will be beneficial to you.

Grief Counselling

This treatment is not only beneficial for those who have lost a loved one. Grief has many dimensions. It could be a loss of a job, home or a pet. Perhaps someone is caring for the terminally ill. This is a place for support.


An extraction is a ceremony or practice of moving and expelling negative energy that is manifesting as illness, depression and even physical discomfort. It will bring awareness to your best self and your ability to move forward.

Soul Retrieval

This is a three-session therapy. In the initial meeting will establish if this is that best treatment for you at this time. Every person who has experiences any kind of emotional, spiritual or physical trauma has experienced soul loss. During trauma a soul will splinter, and that part will remove itself in order to survive. During the second session a soul retrieval ceremony will be done. A client will be given suggestions regarding how to return to the feeling of health and wholeness. During the third session we will explore soul remembering; why you are here and what you came to do. This can be a life changing experience.

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