Happy Perfume




A natural perfume made with a selection of essential oils to uplift your mood, relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Scent description

Fresh, sweet scent with a floral hint that reminds you of a summers day.

Roll on any pulse point.


Coconut oil, sweet orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, marjoram essential oil & jasmine essential oil.

Lavender essential oil has a variety of therapeutic and curative properties. It induces relaxation and relieves tension and stress.

Lavender oil benefits include relieving feelings of restlessness and disturbed sleep. It also regulates serotonin levels, which helps minimize pain in the nervous system that can lead to migraine attacks.

Sweet orange essential oil is an antidepressants, aids with insomnia and has a comforting scent.

Marjoram essential oil improves cognitive functions, lowers blood pressure and relieves stress.

Chamomile essential oil removes toxic agents, relieves depression, relieves pain and improves digestion. Also boosts the nervous system which calms down nervous disturbances or hyper-reactions.

Jasmine essential oil has an uplifting and positive pleasing effect on the mind and it actively fights depression. This makes a person feel happy and potentially awakens romantic and poetic feelings.


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