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  • Bamboo Toothbrush

    Accompanied by economic development, environmental pollution is more and more serious.  The tradition toothbrushes and bath products use a lot of plastic.  Everybody know that the plastic is bad for environment.  Bamboo not only good for the  environment ,but also good for our body health.
    Keep it dry. Not being made out of impenetrable plastic, bamboo toothbrushes require just a tiny bit more care than a regular toothbrush. Dry it quickly on a towel after each use, and that I store it upright in a clean glass container. This ensures the bamboo stays dry throughout the day, keeping the toothbrush in better condition longer. You may notice that the wood changes color slightly over time as you use it.
    Upcycle it. If you can reuse your worn-out toothbrush before you compost it, so much the better. Better for you, better for the environment.
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Showing all 2 results