The BodySoud Chair

Energy & Creativity session

15 minutes…$20

Sound Wellness Session

30 minutes…$30

60 minutes…$55


BodySound Chair

The BodySound Chair’s soothing sounds and gentle vibrations effortlessly guide you into deep, mindful meditation. Your stress will melt away as you drift deeper and deeper into mindful rest. This allows both your body and mind to let go of any built up tension and work out stress naturally.

Wake up energized, clear headed, and stress free. Feel completely refreshed. Our patented technology makes meditation easier. Created by the developer of the Breathe Right® Nasal Strip, the BodySoundTM Chair induces meditation benefits with no work from the user. The result is measurable stress reduction. Meditation is an effective tool for stress management.

Unfortunately, meditation is an acquired skill requiring years of practice. Too many people give up before enjoying its long term benefits.

The World Health Organization has called stress “the health epidemic of the 21st century,” costing U.S businesses up to $300 billion a year. An estimated 75%-90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues.

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