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Bare Naked Beauty


The name says it all.  A line of all-natural beauty products, safe for you and safe for the environment,  products to nourish you from head to toe, so you can be your beautiful self, naturally… Bare naked beauty is a line of all-natural beauty products for face, body, bath and hair.  Created with vegan-friendly, organic when possible, local and fair trade ingredients. Developed for those with sensitive skin, skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, ageing skin or those who just enjoy nourishing, family-friendly and natural products. Each ingredient used, is added with its natural properties in mind. Making each product a healthy choice with maximum benefits. Our products are never tested on animals.

 We care about the environment.  All our packaging is environmentally friendly, cardboard, biodegradable shrink wrap, glass or lightweight PET bottles (FDA approved). We try to reuse, and recycle, reusing the packaging paper, bubble wrap, and boxes for shipping.

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